Posted by: maria | March 11, 2018

Healing Magic in Oaxaca

I am writing from Oaxaca. We just spent the afternoon with traditional healers, who shared about their life and their gift, coming to terms with their calling to be healers. Over and over we hear about these people who were ill and sick constantly until they realized that they had a gift and that they needed to heed their calling.   Once they decided to do the work they were meant to do, they became well. Sometimes this happened in childhood, sometimes later, but always there was a natural ability that needed to be expressed. They had to study and learn, but they also had knowledge within themselves that they had to tap into, to open up to. Miracles happen for them and their patients when they tune in deeply to this inner knowing.

I felt I had found my calling early on when I led sailing, snorkeling, and diving trips to the uninhabited islands of the Bahamas and the offshore coral atolls of Belize.   Leading adventure cruises felt like my mission in life- it made me so happy to share what I loved so much with others and it gave me a chance to be doing the things that I most loved doing.

I left that life because it is a challenge to be a charter boat captain and a challenge to be a single parent, and doing both at the same time was too hard. I wanted to live on land and give my kid a chance to go to school and be with other kids.

I have struggled with my health, and with my choices- trying to find a way to live that could be a true expression of myself and the gifts I am meant to share. Now, working with the healing capacity of acupuncture, and leading transformational journeys on the side, I feel again like I am where I am supposed to be.

But doubts and questions arise though, and maintaining health always takes awareness and effort. Being human and alive in these times means that there will be challenges. It is very hard to integrate the huge suffering in the world with our own privilege and possibilities. And there is so much to do, it is not easy to put yourself first and to make sure you get the nurturing you need. Whenever I can, I get treatments of various kinds.

I was privileged to get a “limpia” or ritual cleansing yesterday, and a dark weight lifted. I had been doing too much, taking care of others, and pushing through my limits. The limpia was like a call to let go of old patterns, to move energy that felt stuck and heavy, to open up space for hope, change and healing. Dona Celia used basil, candles, flowers, mescal, and water and her deep intuitive knowledge, and urged me to wail and moan. My fellow travelers were my witnesses and it was a stirring moment for all. We can acknowledge the places where we are stuck, where we are not in alignment with who we are meant to be, where we are trying to hard and out of touch with the flow, and we can fill them with light. Opening to all that is there, brings a chance for change and growth.

For me, being on a transformational journey with other seekers is a huge support for my healing path. Every time I step out of my routine and give myself a break, I truly prosper on a deep level.

How about you? Are you following your soul’s purpose? Are you able to give yourself the nurturing you need? Are you ready for a chance to explore these questions? Do you want to join with your tribe for support on your path?

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