Women’s Transformational Kayak Journeys

2019 Women’s Transformational Kayak Journeys: A Spa for Your Wild Soul

July 26-28 / August 23-25

We call these trips “a spa for your wild soul” because they’re such a treat for the mind, body and soul – connecting, kayaking, woods walking, sticking toes in the sand. We paddle from Bainbridge Island to beautiful Blake Island, located across the Puget Sound from West Seattle, Washington.

These trips are truly a gift for our hearts and souls. Blake Island is a state park, with both sandy beaches and 5 miles of trails in the woods. Trips are 2 nights and 3 days (Friday morning – Sunday afternoon). All experience levels are welcome, including beginners! Spring has been a kayak instructor for 20 years and LOVES sharing what she’s learned with other women paddlers.  We hope you’ll join us!

What we do:

  • Kayak packing demonstration
  • Paddle stroke and body dynamics lesson
  • Paddle about 3 miles from Bainbridge Island to beautiful Blake Island
  • Share amazing, healthy food (but not TOO healthy – wine & chocolate are welcome!)
  • Optional yoga on the beach
  • Optional walk in the woods (there are various trail lengths)
  • Visit Tillicum Village on the island
  • Share stories and partake in guided activities to dig deep within ourselves
  • Take time to nurture our selves

Included: food, parking, camping costs, optional yoga and meditation, and lessons on kayak packing, paddling and proper body dynamics. Kayak rentals are not included but we can help set up rentals with delivery and pick up – contact us for details.

SPACE IS LIMITED to 10 people per trip and they fill up fast!

Cost: $375 for three days and two nights.

FRIEND/FAMILY  SPECIAL: bring a friend or family member and you each receive $15 off.

RETURNING FRIENDS: $20 off if you have joined us for a weekend before.

Only one discount per person please.


    • Check: make check out to Journey For Purpose, send to c/o Spring Courtright, 4909 Lakeview Place SE, Port Orchard, WA 98367
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For more information: call/text Spring at 360-265-2477 or e-mail us using the contact form on this website.

Check out this wonderful article about our trips HERE.

Maria’s notes from a past trip


This “Transformational Women’s Paddle” MORE than transformed – it made friends of strangers, it brought us closer to Ma Nature’s amazing gifts, and it was filled with the magic of story-telling, belly laughs and very, VERY good food! Maria and Spring…your combined experience and passion for the outdoors shines a light for anyone wondering, “How can I jump in…?!?!”; thank you, THANK YOU! ~Kay Jensen triangle pose

HolyCow!! First time ever kayaking and it was amazing. Spring and Maria made me feel incredibly safe, secure, and inspired. The whole weekend was food for my soul and spirit. Can’t wait to do it again. ~Cheri Names

This was transformative indeed! I feel renewed, refreshed, and completely open in my heart center. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to learn from such amazing, wise women. ~Erinn J Hale

Great time of connecting to our known universe and touching the unknown. So comfortable and comforting.  Paddling kayaks was such a great framework for bonding and sharing with friends and strangers, all now kindred spirits. ~Sally Kyte

A trip for women of all ages that want to deepen themselves by enjoying sisterhood in nature. ~Amy Burk

 Wow, wow!  Everything was so organized and you made me feel so confident!  ~Susan Shaffer

 The trip way exceeded my expectations.  I am so grateful for all the warmth and support offered by everyone.  I hope I returned the feelings and love. Can’t wait to see everyone again. ~Jamie Bails


I appreciated the open format of the weekend, and the organic nature of everyone helping out with tasks as needed.  I felt in very safe hands throughout the weekend, from both a kayaking-safety standpoint and emotional-safety standpoint. The physical challenge of the first day was a great start to the weekend for me, leaving me feeling empowered and capable.  I am holding gratitude and grace and a commitment to more adventures in my heart.  So powerful to meet such incredible women of such diversity and depth. Your food was outstanding, your love and wonder were contagious.  I look forward to joining you again on the water—and perhaps another weekend next year? ~Mary McCormick

Wonderful trip, I would not change a thing. Thank you Maria and Spring. ~Carol Mus

…the low key and very human experience of listening to others talk of their lives was quite moving. ~FullSizeRender 14Jane Trancho

Maria and Spring were born to lead these trips.  Their collective kindness, patience and humor made for an outstanding weekend.  Can’t wait to return!

This is my 2nd trip and I enjoyed every minute of both trips.  I feel I have finally mastered how to paddle a kayak due to the patience and guidance of our fearless leaders who attack all problems with humor and in a nonjudgemental attitude.~ Kathleen O

I think Spring and Maria were great leaders in this group – their planning and organization was awesome and they were so much continual fun!

Our end-of-August Transformational Journey was a pilgrimage on every level. It began when I signed on, knowing this was something way out of my normal routine—I’m an introvert, an inexperienced kayaker, and haven’t camped in 20 years. But I trusted the experience and wisdom of Maria and Spring, With kayak packing tips from Spring the morning of our launch, and a few lessons on paddling technique, we were off, on one of those staggeringly beautiful Pacific NW days. Kayaking was pure pleasure. We saw seals, sea lions, jumping fish and even a couple of porpoises. My body and soul thanked me the entire way.

When we set up camp, the real surprises began—my fellow journeyers. Each woman gradually began to reveal herself at a soul level, with tears and laughter, with quirks and foibles, and all the masks of daily life gone. Over delicious meals, and relaxed circles, with stories, hikes, yoga on the beach and more, we grew to know each other, and ourselves in a way that is truly miraculous. What’s more, the presence of the Earth was always with us—in the sea, the summer wind, the land—and even the thieving raccoons. By the time we returned to our families and homes, we were renewed and newly sensitive to the beauty of this life and our fellow travelers in it.

If you are even a little bit curious and called to do something out of the ordinary, take this journey! It will change you—maybe a little, maybe a lot, but definitely for good. ~Althea P

I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity, not just a great adventure and an excuse to get outside, but a weekend full of amazing connection, incredible new friends, and- most importantly- a new- found sense of personal strength from the support of these incredible women!  Much love and many thanks to Maria and Spring for this opportunity ~Hillary B


Maria and Spring are warm, welcoming and inviting to paddlers of all skill levels.  And their attention to time spent together was transformative for me and for everyone else ~Ari L

In three days I have experienced joy, love, peace and a freedom that I had been missing for years.  I am so grateful to Spring and Maria not only for what they offer but the beautiful people they bring into their fold.  It’s unbelievable how quickly and closely we bonded, this coming from a loner and isolationist. I have more friends that I know will last a lifetime.  From teenagers to the 70+s, we became one, we learned so much from each other. I have grown more in the last three days than in the last three years.  Love to all my sisters always. ~Judy R