Winter Retreat: Into the Light

Prepare for the coming season. Align your Vision with the Energy of Intention. Do something deeply meaningful to help the holidays and the weeks to come be truly special! 

Give yourself the gift of time.  Give yourself the gift of transformation. Gift the gift of this retreat to someone you love!

Make it a rich, full and nourishing time for yourself by giving yourself the space to bring a sense of the sacred into your everyday life, by recognizing what really feeds your soul, and by cultivating authentic and meaningful connections and satisfying creative outlets. 

Join us for a Virtual Women’s Retreat and Feed Your Soul!

Return to the Light, a retreat on Zoom:  

Friday Dec 18 4:30-6:00 pm (opening ceremony), 

Saturday Dec 19 9-1pm (creating a vision of a light filled, empowered life), 

Sunday Dec 20 2-4:30pm (feeding the soul and closing)

Rapid accelerating change is upon us.  As much as we cling to the familiar and the comfortable, we know that change is needed, and that it certainly is inevitable.  

Instead of being tossed about in the sea of change, find a path forward to what your soul desires, to the life you want to live, by creating a vision and releasing old patterns so that new ways of being can emerge. Ways that serve you and who you want to be in the new world that is emerging. Get in the flow!

The virus has created isolation and we don’t have our normal social outlets.  But we can offer each other powerful support as compassionate witnesses for each others’ journeys.  It is possible to connect deeply in the virtual space and we need this connection now, more than ever.

It’s time to re-vision what is possible, and take stock of what really matters. We can’t go back to the way things were, so let’s create a new normal together. Let’s get to the Yes that our souls are whispering and let’s enjoy the soulful journey. 

Join us for a virtual retreat that will empower you by cultivating confidence in your inner knowing, exposing you to wisdom from indigenous traditions and eastern practices, and creating a community of support.

This is for you if:

  • You are a woman dealing with change, affected by the times, experiencing a new era.
  • Your adventurous spirit has been dampened by the pandemic. You want to feel more alive!
  • You’re craving camaraderie and want to be heard, seen and witnessed and feel validation for being yourself!  You are looking for connection with a great community of woman.
  • You are ready to give yourself the gift of time, to share authentically, to dig deep. 
  • You are searching for purpose and new ways of being and you are ready for transformation
  • You long for a deeper connection to your inner knowing and your creative and spiritual self, to have more of a sense of purpose and of the sacred in your everyday life. 
  • You want to feel more confident, healthier and more vital and to support your well being.  

What you can expect:

With storytelling, targeted questions, and guided meditation, you are going to shine a light on what is holding you back, clarify what you want and need in your life, and open to your path to yes, the path toward the light.  

You will feel empowered to take action steps to manifest the life you want to live, no matter what is going on in the world. Working with your inner stance, you can impact the outer world.

We will work with eastern practices to help change the very biology that wants to keep you safe while your heart knows that it is time to risk fulfillment. 

Through the process of engaging in a creative activity as you examine old patterns and beliefs, you will transform your obstacles into opportunities, your pain into learning, and your challenges into growth and have fun being in the flow of creativity!

Indigenous wisdom will help you to connect with the sacred, with the power of unseen forces, and with your own intuition by engaging in ancient rituals from cultures that are deeply aligned with natural rhythms and in tune with deep mysteries.  

You will be enveloped by a loving, supportive community who will magnify the power of your intentions. You will feel seen and heard, held in a sacred container.  

The tools that you will learn will bring lasting change into your life, a life of radical self care, soulful play, supportive connection, productive community, and creative, resourceful action.

What it includes:

  • Ceremony and learning in an indigenous tradition and a virtual visit to another culture for a fresh perspective.  We will be joined by Claudia Schurr of Tierrasagrada from Oaxaca along with her colleague, Lorena Villanueva Lopez as well as other curanderas including Elizabeth Mattern
  • Creative activities (no skill or talent necessary) that free your spirit.  Expect to think, write, muse, and to create a meaningful altar, seasonal beauty, and some creative expression.
  • Lessons in Essential Oils, Qi Gong, Acupressure, Aroma Point Therapy (essential oils applied to acupoints) and other eastern modalities for wellness.
  • Guided Meditation and Sharing stories. 
  • Enriching emails to support you in preparation for the event
  • Support materials available on the Food for Your Wild Soul Teachable school
  • A facebook group to share creations and transformations

This series is hosted by Journey for Purpose and your talented, loving, joyous, fun loving retreat leaders.

Maria Cook, LAc, EAMP, acupuncturist, kayak guide, retreat leader, student of eastern modalities, the use of essential oils, and compassionate communication, and a teacher committed to sharing ways to live life fully.

Claudia Shurr and Lorena Villanueva Lopez with Tierrasagrada will share the wisdom of Oaxaca.

Read more about these retreat guides here

Cost: $349/retreat (early bird special $299). $25 off each if 2 or more people register together. We accept check, Venmo @Maria-Cook or we can invoice you via PayPal. 

Limited Availability.  Act now!

Email: maria@healingandmore.com to register or text 206 842-7706 Subject line: Please register me for the virtual retreat Into the Light