About Us

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for people to address their most profound longings, including connecting authentically with others, learning to nurture themselves deeply, finding creative expression and enhancing their capacity for joy. We do this through transformational journeys, events and retreats ~ we hope you’ll join us!

Spring and Maria met on a kayak trip many years ago and shared their dreams of leading women’s kayak trips, then went their separate ways. Then one day, Maria called Spring and said, “I think this is the year we start leading those trips,” to which Spring said, “YES!”

They have now have joined forces to create Journey for Purpose, in which they lead guided journeys and retreats for women, with the goal of empowerment, connection, and learning.  And having fun!

They have been offering Women’s Transformational Kayak Journeys for years now, to rave reviews. They lead women on 3 day retreats, paddling to Blake Island from Ft Ward on Bainbridge Island, where they camp for two nights, share glorious meals, deepen through sharing circles, experience yoga on the beach, and play with art, writing, hiking, and general hilarity.

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Spring Courtright has years of experience with outdoor leadership and environmental education.  She especially loves working with women and empowering them with experiences in the outdoors.  She runs a successful home organizing business, where she offers another kind of empowerment, helping people let go of things they don’t need so that they can allow in more of what is important.

She has studied mountaineering and hiked extensively, she was a snow boarding instructor, and has taught mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding, and rock climbing among other things.  She has worked in many capacities for various outdoor organizations, including most recently working as the program coordinator of the Olympic Outdoor Center  Kayaking has been a consistent  passion and she is a very experience guide and outfitter.

Spring enjoys so many hobbies and creative activities, and she draws on her huge and varied background so that her outdoor offerings are rich and meaningful.

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Maria Cook is an experienced traveler and group leader.  As a charter boat captain she led adventure cruises and environmental education voyages on her sailboat in the Bahamas, Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala, as well as in the eastern Caribbean.  She taught Outward Bound in the Pacific Northwest.  She led womens’ trips called “transformational journeys” on 26’ long open boats equipped for rowing and sailing, using ritual and metaphor as a way to learn, grow and celebrate.

She has worked in alternative health care for over 20 years and is a massage therapist, a licensed acupuncturist, a Chinese medical herbalist, and offers many modalities based on years of study. Some of her courses have been in Taiwan and in China and she finds great joy in the concept of Eat-Play-Study trips.

She has studied Compassionate Listening and NonViolent Communication and has participated in citizen’s delegations to the mideast. She has always been interested in other cultures, in looking at how others live, and in experiencing a life outside of the familiar.

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