Woman’s Virtual Retreat: Feed Your Soul

Integrate, restore, connect

Creative, ceremonial, and deepening activities in a virtual retreat, designed to help you connect with your inner knowing, release stuck energy, and allow you to move into the flow of your soul’s journey

Times and Dates

Oct 25  4-6PM introduction and opening ceremony, prepare, purify, Call in the Elements in the indigenous tradition and open to spirit.

Oct 31   9 AM-1PM with a time we decide on later in the day to come together again- releasing what has gone before, rewriting our stories, connecting to our intuition, and cultivating the goddess within, Transform!

Nov 1    1-5PMopening to the ancestors and the unseen powers, visit the Day of the Dead as it is celebrated in indigenous Oaxaca, sacred self care, celebrating new possibilities as empowered, intuitive beings of life!

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Exhausted by everything that is the pandemic, the upheaval, the protests, the natural disasters, politics, and the state of the world?

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed with all the changes and uncertainty?

Searching for purpose and new ways of being?

Want to connect more deeply with your inner knowing and feel calmer and more certain?

Feeling stuck or trapped in your circumstances or with your patterns of reaction?

Craving some time to restore and to integrate all that is happening?


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This is the time of the Hunter’s Full Moon, the Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Eve, and Halloween. It is a special time, when the veil is thin. We plan to connect with our friends in the jungles of Mexico where they celebrate this time with ceremony, altars, and offerings.

We will create our own practice of sacred self care and, inspired by eastern thought and indigenous wisdom, will offer activities, knowledge, and opportunities for all to integrate, restore, and connect.

Learn about essential oils as we utilize them on special aroma acupoints throughout our sessions to enhance our experience

Enjoy Qigong, as we incorporate movement and breath into our time together to move Qi and feel totally alive and engaged

Connect with and use crystals to shift energy and promote wellbeing

Create together and feel your juices flowing as we all make a floral head wreath which we will wear to celebrate our beauty and power

Revisit and acknowledge your wounded places and the stories you have created and ask for healing and forgiveness

Rewrite your life story and reclaim your power

Practice the art of sacred play and listen in to the practices that restore

Together we will color a mandala, decorate a beautiful candle, and symbolically bring our light into the world

Share with others in breakout rooms

Create time and space to feed your soul

These practices and activities will leave you feeling, nourished, restored, inspired, and filled up. You will be ready to face what comes.

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By connecting to your inner knowing and to unseen powers, you will be supported in changing patterns, identifying obstacles and letting go. You will be exposed to tools which will help you to understand and embrace your needs more fully, and empower your self care. You will connect with others and celebrate together. Unleashing your creative capacity will bring insights and restore vitality. You will experience energetic shifts which will have lasting results for you to move more fully into the flow of your life’s journey. Yes! Feed your Soul!

Give yourself the gift you need, conscious time spent in a sacred space, revitalizing.

Your retreat leaders, Laura Goff and Maria Cook are experienced facilitators with a lot to share.

Laura Goff, Retreat Leader, Acupuncturist,
Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher

I’m Laura Goff, an acupuncturist, and yoga and qi gong teacher practicing in Portland, Oregon.

My retreats are designed to offer participants time and space to reset and reinvigorate themselves. When you retreat with me you may feel more calm, grounded, joyful, empowered and connected to nature and your inner knowing.

Laura Goff, LAc, RYT-200 Acupuncturist, Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher Beacon Acupuncture 8050 SE 13th Ave., Suite 102 Portland, OR 97202
office: 503-206-7738 direct: 503-730-7749 fax: 888-972-4992

Maria Cook, Acupuncturist, Retreat Leader

Hi! I am Maria Cook and I practice 5 Element Acupuncture and other healing modalities on Bainbridge Is, WA.

I also lead journeys, adventures, and retreats, having created Journey for Purpose, a company dedicated to empowerment, adventure, and connection for women.

I combine transformation and profound experience with a sense of play and upliftment.

Maria Cook, EAMP, LAc, LMT, Island Massage and Acupuncture, 533 Madison Ave, Suite D, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, 206 842-7706 www.healingandmore.com, www.journeyforpurpose.com, maria@healingandmore.com

Tierraventura & Tierrasagrada

Claudia Schurr and Yves Chavan, Tierraventura & Tierrasagrada, retreats, tours, and workshops

We are Claudia Schurr (1967, sociologist, German) and Yves Chavan (1967, architect, Swiss).  We have lived in Oaxaca, Mexico since 1998.

We founded Tierraventura in 1999, to take people to places they wouldn’t see in the course of an ordinary vacation – places we consider to be the “real” Mexico. 

My passion and love is traditional medicine.  We work with shamans and healers in many different locations in Oaxaca and organize workshops on this fascinating subject.

Last year, 2019, we opened Tierrasagrada …..it feels like our evolution from adventure to sacred.

And the land of Oaxaca is truly sacred, it always fascinated me how the indigenous communities were still so connected to their land.

It is not only the use of healing plants, it is this deep connection with the elements, with spirit….

And this is our main subject at Tierrasagrada, to reconnect people with nature, spirit, the elements of earth, water, wind and fire.

Lorena Villanueva López

My grandmother was a curandera (a traditional healer) in the village of Villa de Etla, close to Oaxaca city. As a little girl I learned some of her healing arts but I never thought that one day I would follow her footsteps.

I studied law to be a lawyer and ended up specialized in human rights, I wanted to help people….My first job brought me to many indigenous communities, as you may know Oaxaca is one of the poorest states in the country with one of the highest percentage of Indigenous population.

It was there where I remembered my ancestral heritage, curanderismo, the ancient art of healing is still very much alive in the villages of Oaxaca.

So I realized that was my calling and I started to reconnect with my ancient knowledge.

Since more than 20 years I give my service as a holistic therapist (a curandera) working with body and spirit giving massages, ritual cleansings and workshops.

Together we are presenting an awesome Virtual Woman’s Retreat: Feed your Soul!

Indigenous wisdom and ceremony, and Eastern thought and practices create a profound combination to help you Integrate, Restore, and Connect! Register now!

Claudia and Lorena will lead us in traditional Oaxaca ceremonies. Laura and Maria will offer activities and exercises to open, deepen, release, and transform including guided meditations, exploration of essential oils, qi gong, breath work, writing exercises, creative projects, movement, laughter and more.

Extended Bonuses:

Receive unlimited access an online course as part of your retreat fee:

either Navigate Change, Tools for Uncertain Times, ($249 value)

or Work from Home with Less Pain, ($249 value)

These courses both give you lots of tools for deep sacred self care and explore more fully some of the teachings that will be shared during this virtual retreat. The bonus special does not include live engagements but does include unlimited access to a fully online program. Choose one!

Register now to collect these bonuses. Only $299 through October 24! Regular $425. Save $124! Sign up now!

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You can order the 7 oils that we will be teaching about in the course: Bergamot FCF, Blue Tansy, Cypress, Geranium Rose, Jasmine Sambac abs, Laurel, Saro from www.monara.org. They have created a special Feed Your Soul package and we will give you a discount coupon for 10% off.

If you have questions email or text Maria, maria@healingandmore.com, 206 842-7706, or Laura, laura@beaconacupdx.com. 503 730-7749 and we will send you an invoice. Let us know if you need a payment plan.

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We are so excited and looking forward to you joining us!

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