Posted by: maria | November 14, 2019

Why Travel? 11 reasons why you want to Journey for Purpose

Why travel?  Here are 11 good reasons:

•Cultivate more mindfulness as new experiences bring you into the moment, very present and engaged with new things

•Enjoy simplicity as you do a lot with just a few things and recognize how little you actually need

•Relax deeply and restore profoundly as you disengage from the stresses of every day life and take a step back to gain perspective 

•Build community while you enjoy incredible experiences with new friends, creating new relationships which can last a life time

•Get to know yourself outside of your own cultural norms and familiar routines, watch yourself grow!

•Feel the empowerment that moving outside of your comfort zone can bring, travel helps you stretch

•Open up possibilities in your life as you see how other people live and what is available in the wide world

•Get a sense of how the world needs us all to be present and engaged

•Let things flow, travel helps you move through stuck places

•Find inspiration to truly pursue your calling, as you let natural beauty and new experiences move you

•Follow your purpose and be happy, there is no better goal